Sunday, October 25, 2009

Roll Caskett

Here ya go, Roll Caskett. the girl that lived with megaman throughout most of thier lifes, and is the mechanic of the team.

Have fun with the hair, was never really good at points and such personally.

And when made, this model will be the same scale as most of the other characters from this game.

someone pointed out that the face was messed up, so the link is to the fixed version.

fixed some flaps and added a letter version, ALSO when making the hips and elbows, just remove a flap in the upper arm and the waist to put the lower arm and pant legs inside, at an angle too if needed

Currently in A4 format AND Letter format



Here is the standard machine in the Bonnes' air forces, the Drache, which also serves as means of simple transportation for the Bonnes.

This model is not at the same scale as the main character, in order for it to fit on one page.

Currently in A4 Format.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hanmuru Doll

Here we have the first real boss you will see on Megaman Legends, havent made this yet but it should work well as a papercraft. If anyone wants to join up and be a test builder for me when i cant make the papercraft send me a email

Currently in Letter Format.


Megaman X Helmet (custom made)

First up we have a Megaman X helm that i made a while back, currently fitted to be wearable on my head, but i may need some tweeking to get it to fit on someone elses.

Currently in Letter Format.



Hey all, welcome to the blog, this is where im going to be posting all the creations I made/ripped and can be used by all. and if there are any requests of models you want ripped from any N64 game (which is all i can rip from right now) put a comment on this post and any other posts marked REQUESTS and i will try and get the model